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I have always found Rene to be a very knowledgeable, professional, straight-forward guy to deal with and would recommend him and Street Legal to anyone in the market for a mini truck or parts for their current truck.

1997 Subaru Sambar

Doug, Calgary

I bought a 1999 Suzuki Carry Turbo Mini Truck. I have been researching these little trucks for over 2 years, been in contact with many dealers, But Rene was by far the best to deal with. He really does hand pick only the best vehicle for you and your needs. I can honestly say it will not be my last vehicle I buy off of him. The truck I purchased, Was better than my expectations. Not a problem. Rides like new. And looks like new. Thanks for everything Rene, you’re the best in the business!

1999 Suzuki Carry Turbo Mini Truck

Lee, Newfoundland

Why are we more expensive than other importers

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Plain and Simple, I do not ship in bulk, I do not purchase sight unseen, or purchase high km Mini Trucks, anyone can do this.

You get over 10 years experience including:

  • Hand-picked Mini Trucks from Japan that are fully looked over by trusted people I have used for over 10 years.
  • I communicate with suppliers in the evenings going over each truck personally, before they are purchased.
  • Individual shipping which is more expensive, being I had vehicles shift in a container once which damaged all of them and I will not gamble with my customer’s investment this way.
  • Mini Trucks with 1-3 years registration, less than 40000km most less than 20000km.  These are more expensive, in the best shape & were well maintained by the previous owners.
  • Full Safety/Out of Province inspection, tune-up & winterization, then I test drive them for 30-50km, if anything is found it is fixed before you take it, this is all part of the price.
  • The value of this is $1800.00, however it does not take into consideration the extra hrs I put into each Mini Truck, it gives a value to compare with what others offer based on price/value add.
  • Parts, accessories & knowledge of how each model can be customized being I drive Mini Trucks myself both on and off-road.
  • Respect for your time. I only sell what I would drive, all have lower kms and are in better shape compared with any 2 year old North American vehicle. Downtime costs money.
  • This is a full time business and not just a hobby.
  • A belief in word of mouth advertising, most of my business is because of this from very happy customers.
  • Expertise to help you if you have a worn Mini Truck with getting it up and running or adding accessories.  I want you to enjoy your investment even if purchased elsewhere.
We Ship across Canada

We ship Mini Trucks, Parts & Accessories across Canada.  Plus with us only charging GST, the tax savings covers much of the shipping costs

We offer Financing

We offer financing with a 3rd party lender which benefits consumers that do not have access to traditional lenders ie banks.

Terms up to 5 years and depending on your credit it is between 10.9% – 15.9%.
As an example on $10,000.00 “OAC”
3 year term $335.00/mth
5 year term $222.00/mth
Contact us for more details.

What are mini trucks?
  • Multipurpose, Street Legal, Highway & Off-Road Ready
  • Enclosed heated cab, seat belts, A/C optional,
  • Comfort in the field and safer than just having a roll cage
  • Large bed 6’4″x4’4″, converts to a flatbed, all sides fold down
  • Less expensive than all off-road side-by sides
  • Up to 50 mpg
  • Shift on the fly 4wd
  • Highway speeds over 100km/hr
  • Towing/Payload capacity 1000lbs and up
  • Ground pressure with Mattracks Tracks is approximately 1.25 psi
  • 660cc engine
  • 4 or 5 speed manual transmission, some automatics
  • High/low transfer case, diff & axle lock optional
  • 4wd, 2-door, dump bed & 3-way dump beds & vans
Who are they ideal for?
  • Oil/Gas
  • Surveyors
  • Exploration
  • Contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Hunters
  • Ranchers/Farmers
  • Golf Courses
  • Recreation


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