Looking for a Mini Truck? Save money with a Hand-Picked Mini Truck!

Mini Truck Comparison

Mini Truck vs Side/Side?

  • ½ the price of a similarly equipped workhorse side/side
  • Up to 50MPG

  • Huge payload capacity 1000lbs +

  • 6’4”x4’4” bed that converts to a flatdeck

  • Can be driven off and on road

  • Accessible & inexpensive parts/accessories

Our Value to You!

Our Value to You!

  • Trusted advice with over 12 years of experience
  • Hand picked and individually delivered Mini Trucks
  • Almost new with less than 40000km most less than 20000km.
  • Full Safety/Out of Province inspection, tune-up & winterization, and pre-delivery inspection
  • Accessories your mini truck with a variety of parts through years of experience and knowledge
  • Save time and money!
Something Else

Customer Experiences

  • “I purchased 7 mini trucks from a supplier in the USA. I requested a minimum criteria for the trucks. When I received the trucks I had one with a seized engine (no oil in engine) and all of them had rust. I also requested that they all were under 40000 Km and I only got 2 of the 7 like that. I had to pay up front and never got any money back. I also had quality issues with several trucks that cost me many dollars. Knowing what I know now I would have purchased a truck or 2 from yourself as I know you review them in detail and stand behind them. The other thing is service……You are local and can get parts and service the trucks efficiently.”Russ
  • “If you are considering purchasing a Mini truck, This is the person you want to buy from…. his expertise and commitment gets you a quality low milages unit that you will be ecstatic to own. I have now had mine just about 5 months and it is looks and runs like a new vehicle. Every single day that I drive this truck somebody comes up to me and asks me where did I buy this new truck, and I tell them Street legal ATV and then I tell them it is 15 years old and they look at me in amazement!. The gas mileage on average is well above 40 mpg and the heat/ Air conditioning is excellent and yes to boot you get 4×4 hi and low. I use it as a daily driver and I enjoy driving it every day.”Jim
  • “I bought a 1999 Suzuki Carry Turbo Mini Truck.  I have been researching these little trucks for over 2 years, been in contact with many dealers.  Rene was by fare the best to deal with.  He really does hand pick only the best vehicle for you and your needs.  I can honestly say it will not be the last vehicle I buy from him.  The truck I purchased was better than my expectations.  Not a problem, rides and looks like new.  Thanks for everything Rene, you’re the best in the business!”Lee

Mini Trucks In Action

Save Time/Money

With all of these new taxes it is a welcome thing to have such a versatile vehicle offering up to 50MPG.  Plus with them being hand picked and fully gone over, it makes for a worry free driving experience.

Shipping Across Canada

We ship Coast to Coast monthly, contact us and we can ship what you need, Mini Trucks, Parts & Accessories.  We only charge GST, saving you money!


Street Legal ATV offers financing options with terms up to 5 years on approved credit with the option of an early buyout.


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